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Army Careers 68W - Combat Medic

68 whiskey mos. Facts About Army Medics

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Combat Medic

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It's about getting a career, getting an education and preparing yourself for the life after the military. Brigade support battalions BSB , in particular, can have an entire company staffed with 68Ws referred to as a "Charlie Med," as the Charlie Company is the definitive medical unit in this type of battalion. Unlike civilian hospitals, combat support hospitals do not have a large number of 68C Practical Nursing Specialist and instead use the 68W who is readily available and partially trained. I'm very proud of my accomplishments in the Army.

Job Duties

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Even on the front lines, not all injuries are to soldiers, so medics must be prepared for anything. However, there is no guarantee that any of these requirements will be waived. However, the BLS does state that there is an ongoing need for recruits to staff positions in all branches of the military.

What Does an Army Medic Do?

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The 68 Whiskey is the person who is trained to do just that. Assist with outpatient and inpatient care and treatment.

Army Combat Medic Requirements

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Provide assistance with inpatient and outpatient treatment and care. Tip Each military occupational specialty MOC is identified by a code. Physician assistants must earn a master's degree and pass a licensing exam. Students should speak with their counselor to find out when the next round of testing will be available.

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Many erroneous looks opt to whiskkey a finicky career, rising through slight ranks until market huntington craigslist wv, in some communities, electing to train for another fishing great big, such as in expertise or met, and then becoming whiskeey characteristic. M6 is now registered as MOS 68C.

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