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Anne Hutchinson

Anne hutchinson beliefs. Biography of Anne Hutchinson: A Puritan Who Fought for Religious Freedom & Women’s Rights

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Winthrop noted in his journal that at Aquidneck, the people grew very tumultuous and put out Mr. She grew up in Alford in Lincolnshire, where her father taught her scripture. Anne Hutchinson believed that faith was all a person needed to get into Heaven and that she had a personal connection with God that did not come from the Church.

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Day 1[ edit ] Hutchinson was brought to trial on 7 November , with Wheelwright banished and other court business taken care of. In , she married William Hutchinson, a merchant and member of a prominent family. The following are some facts about Anne Hutchinson: She was confident of herself and her intellectual tools, largely because of the intimacy she felt with God.

Early Life

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This belief in direct revelation struck at the social foundation of Puritanism, which required you to make the world a better place because of your faith by doing good works. Katherine Finch, for example, "spoke against the magistrates, against the Churches, and against the Elders" and was ordered whipped on October 10, Hutchinson was brought to trial for sedition on November 7, The Dutch guaranteed that had been offered by the New England friends of the little captive, and the obligation on both sides was fulfilled.

Who Is Anne Hutchinson?

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