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And you are, well, kinda old. That is some seriously thick fur! When I asked Suzie how they got their start, she said she saw an alpaca at a fair and decided she wanted one.

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In the second part, Strong looks at eight contemporary art types—the scissors dance danza de tijeras , home altars retablos , carved gourds mates , ceramics ceramica , painted boards tablas , weavings textiles , tinware hojalateria , and Huamanga stone carvings piedra de Huamanga. She now raises them and knits beautiful scarves and hats with their wool. And before I forget: So be sure to come back on Tuesday for more details, kids.

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And I'm only 10! I was able to touch the wool on the back of one and, y'all. I met the owner of the farm at a craft fair and made mention that I'd love to purchase some alpaca roving.

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