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Apostle Suleman addresses the reading of the Bible from gadgets in church

Banned from the bible secrets of the apostles. History Channel Documentary: Banned from the Bible Secrets of the Apostles

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The Biblical Canon The episode begins by noting that both Judaism at the time of Christianity and early Christianity were incredibly diverse. Even if, theoretically, an authentic letter from the apostle Paul should be discovered, as awesome as such a discovery might be, we would not consider making it part of the Bible. The corpus of texts discovered at Nag Hammadi leads to a discussion of Gnosticism and Gnostic Christianity and how this belief system differed from what would become mainstream Christianity.

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It is important to realize, though, that from the moment the four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written, they were copied and circulated throughout the extent of the world where churches had been planted—Israel, Syria, Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and elsewhere. Furthermore, the teaching of this book is gnostic and contradicts most essential Christian doctrines. But there were also some objective and rational standards: Gnostic Christianity In Act 2, the show introduces the Gnostics and some of their beliefs.

Fostering Universal Brotherhood in Our Global Village

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It is exactly as God intended it and is the living, active, and powerful Word of God. They began to be used regularly by the churches for teaching, worship, and devotion.

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