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Barabas in the bible. Who Was Barabbas in the Bible?

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We see him in films related to the life of Jesus. Ephesians 2: And his closest followers had apparently gone into hiding out of fear of arrest. Another similarity between the two men relates to their possible roles as rebel leaders.

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What Did Barabbas Do? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?

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Samuel, acquainted with the story of Jesus' birth, tells Joseph that he is choosing the name "Jesus Barabbas. Pilate therefore, willing to release Jesus, spake again to them.

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His name is Barabbas. The motive for such a change would be to cover up the fact that Jesus had tried to organize a revolt against the Romans and was crucified as a result.

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The crowd chose Barabbas to be released. Also, because Jesus was arrested late at night and brought before Pilate early the next morning, most of his followers probably didn't know where he was, or what was happening to him. Luke states that he was cast into prison "for a certain insurrection made in the city, and for murder" Luke One of the two will go to the cross and Barabbas has all the reasons to be there.

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