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Everyone expects babies to be attracted and obsessed with their food source. I never got any comments about my chest except once in a junior trigonometry class I was a sophomore.

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And the more they stick out, the more they get noticed. Penney in pursuit of the dreaded "training bra. Laugh-In was on television, and seeing Goldie Hawn smiling and giggling in a red two-piece reinforced this. Pretty damn ingrained.

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I did notice that boys, however, got away with wearing swim trunks for reasons which eluded me. Breaking the Law When I was 15 and my older sister was home on break from college, we would hit the Ft.

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I haven't had much chance to compare notes with other moms about boys and boobs, but for my son, they represented coziness and safety. I became the McGuyver of bikini repair. Well past the bottle stage, if he'd get stressed or upset, down his little hand traveled into my shirt for comfort.

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