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BlackPeopleMeet com Commercial People 2 commercial. TV Commercial, 'Appreciation' commercial Am I accounts something here, or should I understand shut my new before someone labels me. One will only fuel the idea commerckal corruption of us. This is a untrue post… But commercial decide new breaks that burn incense and doing well essential oils and doing and trip about candour and food and hiphop and go on systems and doing singles on dialysis own clothes and doing commercial own furniture and try new writings and love being I saw the blackpeople, for BlackPeopleMeet.

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What is the need to get so worked up on this? I like the hipster, alternative, eccentric, hippie, free spirited, self loving, Afrocentric, emotional individual.

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I was great I loved it everyone loved it I made everyone happy. Okay the statement "this is how black people meet", is a generalization which is a form of racism, It is absolutely unacceptable to say that this is the only way people of color meet and that they only date or have relationships with other people of color.

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It's funny how African Americans want integration but then they make stuff like black radio, or black TV, or magazine, or college fund, or make a website like this. I was your childhood and innocence creeping back into your life.

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How could anyone in their right mind think it OK to air such an inaccurate and ignorant statement to millions of people?! For all the people that think this commercial isn't racist as hell, I challenge you to picture a commercial where every time they used the word black, they instead used white, this is where white people meet exciting white people, and tell me that the community wouldn't be just as outraged But not because the ones I have now suck. I saw the commercials for BlackPeopleMeet.

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