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The Young Black Conservatives of Trump’s America

Blaxit. Kanye West, Candace Owens and #Blexit: will they change the African-American vote to Republican?

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This was the biggest issue for me. Before starting Blexit and joining conservative think tank Turning Point, Ms Owens was the founder of the anti-Trump website Degree You might not have electricity, but you won't get killed by the police either. Do you feel oppressed yet?

On her first trip to Africa...

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So when I graduated in and hopped on a plane to teach English in Japan, I did it with very little knowledge of what I would face ahead, or how much one year could and did change me forever. What this indicates is that Muhammida's struggle is internal, separate from the societies in which she has lived.

Black Americans don't vote Republican today

AzadEssa Akon: Independence is the humanity.

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So woke. AzadEssa Akon: There is definitely certain access and privilege being American here, but it's great to finally cash in on that because it doesn't mean anything in America.

On life as a second-class citizen in the US ...

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This is worthy of celebration in the press. Girls' Education in Ghana There is definitely certain access and privilege being American here, but it's great to finally cash in on that because it doesn't mean anything in America.

Owens swapped political sides

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