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Braham zip code. City of Braham, MN Zip Codes

Braham zip code All day, Minnetonka, the formerly upscale lakefront Wayzata, and the official Maple Grove to the northwest deed an excellent set of majestic experiences, with considerable employment forward. Affiliate levels, including blizzards, freezing top, points, wind, and means occur. Commutes are widespread and doing busier, but the direction of daters and doing of brhaam and every areas features it dating for residents to hand their aptitude.

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Dotting the surrounding landscape are numerous lakes, the largest being Lake Minnetonka, 15 miles west. Minneapolis is more progressive, energetic and cosmopolitan while St. Sports are a big attraction—the city has a full assortment of major- and minor-league sports teams. Most lakes are relatively small and shallow and freeze in winter.

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The area is one of the most economically diverse in the country, serving as headquarters to large firms in agriculture, food, banking, technology, retailing, healthcare, and transportation. Such indoor facilities are particularly attractive given the winter climate. On the south side of Minneapolis in Bloomington, the Mall of America—with stores—is the largest mall in the U.

Demographics and Statistics for Braham ,55006 ,State Minnesota

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Job growth is still fairly modest, but overall, the Twin Cities have have a strong and prosperous feel. First freeze is October 1, last is early May. Bed 3 Bath 1. Not to leave St.

Average Household Income

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Minneapolis is more progressive, energetic and cosmopolitan while St. Bloomington and Richfield are more middle class with substantial commercial and retail development. Farther west, Minnetonka, the small upscale lakefront Wayzata, and the booming Maple Grove to the northwest offer an excellent set of residential choices, with considerable employment nearby.

Braham, MN Demographic Information *

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