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Halloween Special: SCMP correspondent hikes to haunted So Lo Pun

Charley lanyon. Finding Samuel Lowe Screens in Hong Kong

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He tries to strike a balance — the role of music and performance in his life is to bring people together, to make them aware of their humanity — but just as music can soothe, so it can educate and warn. Clearly this gave me a perspective that would be extremely difficult for someone to duplicate. If some singer-songwriters are storytellers, others poets, then Byrne is an ideas man. He will not say much more about it other than to remind me he has form when it comes to theatre.

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You can imagine what things might look like to a chicken or a dog. Contemporaries have contented themselves with trotting out hits in classic rock reviews, taking up residencies in Las Vegas or retiring from the stage altogether, but Byrne continues to push boundaries. Maybe David Byrne is never tired. Alamy Consequently, he sees Clockenflap as part of a cultural flowering in Hong Kong.

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At times, the band move in unison, but there is always tension, because at any moment, any one of the members could spin off on their own path, in their own kinetic world. Weekly article on me and my list, and as the SCMP and other articles have related, the rest is history.

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If some singer-songwriters are storytellers, others poets, then Byrne is an ideas man. Since then I went almost 40 more times.

Alan Yang of 'Master of None' Takes On the East Coast vs. West Coast Chinese Food Debate

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