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The Legend of the Pah-Ho-Ho-Klah- The Little People of the Mountains

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If opa a common owl perched in a barn or on trees near the house and hooted, it foreboded death among the near relatives. Unlike almost every other group in the southeast, the Choctaw apparently did not have a Green Corn ceremony, the annual "first fruits" and renewal festival. She said it was an herb recipe which came from her great grandmother. The startled Indians looked at each other but spoke no word.

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His people needed the help of someone who knew the laws. It caught his wing and he fluttered to the ground. Little man can be compared to the European counterparts- dwarfs , elves , gnomes , and leprechauns.

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Little People of Choctaw folklore. It was from this mound that the creator fashioned the first of the people.

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Fearing that they would all be killed as the men multiplied while continuing to emerge from Nanih Waiya, the grasshoppers pleaded to Aba, the great spirit, for aid. Maybe one day we will go back to the old ways for Choctaws and we'll have Nanih Waiya again. Josephine Latimer, part Choctaw, who told the remaining stories. Ever since possums have had no hair on tails.

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