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Wars Documentary HD- Anthony and Cleopatra Battle at Actium Documentary


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The event presented a powerful message: Without their fleet, Caesar lacked the necessary transport ships to cross into Greece with his seven legions.

Excerpt: 'Antony And Cleopatra'

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The play contains thirty-four speaking characters, fairly typical for a Shakespeare play on such an epic scale. Literary critics have also spent many years developing arguments concerning the "masculinity" of Rome and the Romans and the "femininity" of Egypt and the Egyptians.

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They drank, gambled and fished togetheraccording to unflattering Roman historians anywayand amused themselves by dressing up as servants and painting the town red and, by one account, planned to start their own club "the Society of Inimitable Lovers. She was Greek, and DNA evidence from her half-sister indicates she may have been African, though many people in modern times believe she was Egyptian. Although Antony had amassed political support, Octavian still had opportunity to rival him as the leading member of the Caesarian faction. They engage in a drunken celebration on Sextus' galley, though the austere Octavius leaves early and sober from the party.

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