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Combat engineer civilian jobs. 5 Military Jobs That Translate to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry

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Whether working on the interiors of homes or framing skyscrapers and bridges, carpenters are essential to building and installing all kinds of structures. This physically and mentally demanding job focuses on facilitating troop movement and stopping enemy forces. As you can imagine, doing any of these things while under fire or on a high stress battlefield is an impressive task. Programs like Helmets to Hardhats help veterans transition into this field more easily.

Quick Facts About Combat Engineers

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As civilian logistics analysts in advanced manufacturing, veterans will verify and monitor records, prepare shipments, and provide support by performing an array of duties including assembling loads, making shipping and transportation arrangements, and many others. Combat engineers may be tasked with things like building, repairing, or destroying roads, power supplies, or communications. Combat Engineer: These jobs include salary information and possible education paths.

Sharing Career Transition Information and Ideas

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Elevator workers are also often responsible for installing, fixing, and maintaining escalators and moving walkways. Many combat engineers ultimately find jobs in construction, building engineering, demolition, inspection, or other similar industries. However, civilian experience in the trades is also helpful. Whether they know it or not, many veterans are already equipped with the skills required for manufacturing positions when they separate from the armed forces.

Career Comparison

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