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Combat medic mos. Combat medic

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You might assume that the "medic" in "army medic" is simply shorthand for a doctor or nurse -- part of the medical staff -- but medic is actually an official job within the U. Marine Corps units as part of the Fleet Marine Force. The curriculum includes basic Emergency Medical Treatment EMT training, which is similar to training for a medical assistant or physician's assistant. The Combat Lifesaver is instructed in various techniques to treat and stabilize injuries related to combat.

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These are just a few of the options available to those who want to go into a medical job in the Army, but may not be leaning toward an active combat medic role. N9 is a Physical Therapy Specialist. Y8 is an Allergy and Immunology Specialist.

Job Duties

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N3 is now identified as MOS 68L. We set up makeshift hospitals and provide care where it's needed.

Here Are a Few of the Two Dozen Medical Jobs in the Army

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This can enable medics to be used as medically trained soldiers, fighting aggressively rather than just in self-defence. Many become highly decorated for bravery and perform over and above the call of duty earning awards such as the Congressional Medal of Honor. Y6 is now identified as MOS 68N. We're equipped to do it all.

Combat Medic

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The Army is helping me with my master's degree and a doctorate in global health by paying for my education. Army to their civilian counterparts.

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