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10 Tattoo DON'Ts!! How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos

Define tramp stamp. Definition of tramp stamp

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Likewise, just because a woman decides to assert herself sexually does not mean she should be subject to any assumptions about her sexual behavior. Shaming sex workers doesn't make you a good person. If you are a woman who wants a lower-back tattoo, go for it. Whether body art is your jam or not, chances are you feel some type of way about tattoos.

Stop Calling Them Tramp Stamps

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It all starts with the slang terms: Bottom line: Asserting yourself as a strong, independent, sexually confident woman requires being able to carry yourself in a dignified manner despite negative reactions. A woman who gets and displays a tattoo on the lower curvature of her back expresses sensuality and sexual confidence.

tramp stamp

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All it takes is bending over once with a too-short shirt on, and everyone will quickly realize you've got one; when that happens, watch out, because the dumb comments and questions are about to start! Although I'd like to blame my dad's boozy exclamations on what was in his cup, versus what's in his mind, the fact remains that out of all the places to get a tattoo, the lower back tends to be considered the most provocative area of choice. It's an insulting misnomer that suggests women who choose to wear lumbar tattoos are promiscuous—and on a deeper level, speaks to the stubbornly enduring judgments that society makes about feminine sexuality.

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