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Family Guy - Japanese Underwear Vending Machine!

Dirty underwear vending machine. The death and digital resurrection of Japan’s used panty vending machine

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In Japan, this ideal is reversed — sexy in the Land of the Rising Sun adds up to childlike behavior and modes of dress that express this ideal. Is this true?

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Flavours include chicken, chorizo and roast potato. This supposedly ended the presence of such salespoints in that country, but like we said at the top of this piece, countless readers have since written to tell us that the machines can still be found. Japan has a tradition of vending through machines what Western society would view as unusual consumables.

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Let's hope they make it back in one piece. Although it can fairly be said Western society also prizes youth in a woman, there the fascination has to do more with the looks of a girl than it does with her immaturity and presumed sexual innocence. Those whose way of life has taught them to lust for young girls find outlet for their interest through viewing suggestive photos of teen girls and handling items previously worn by them. Dozens, if not hundreds, of magazines are exclusively devoted to bura-sera photographs, pictures that feature girls clad in school garb, holding up their skirts to display their panties.

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