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Banana Nuts - Ice cream Making with Liquid Nitrogen - street food

Double chocolate malted crunch ice cream. 30 Scoops in 30 Days: Rite Aid (Day 9)

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Given the choice of vanilla or chocolate, I will always choose vanilla. We don't generally suffer the indignities of milk chocolate, especially the mass-produced kind — except with Rite Aid's Chocolate Malted Krunch. Tar-zhay stress!


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Contains glycerides Mono and diglycerides are commonly used in processed foods to maintain stability in liquid products and "improve" quality in baked goods. The best of them is Medieval Madness, which is neither as maddening nor as exciting as its name suggests, but does blend ribbons of chocolate and vanilla into a nice balance.

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My friends and I would walk there from my house and pony up our 65 cents for two scoops on a cake cone. I grew up in an era in which the local drugstore had an ice cream counter. This is important because it means you are getting hundreds of additional nutrients from the real food. Are you ready?

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