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Word for Word: FEMA Administrator Calls For "Culture of Preparedness" in America (C-SPAN)

Fema death camps. Donald Trump Is Still Setting Up Concentration Camps on American Soil

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Lengthy addendums to the contracts outlined required utility and infrastructure upgrades needed to support crisis operations, the costs of which were fully paid by the government, as were separate telephone lines installed at each facility. In fact, FEMA has always been an odd beast inside the government—an agency that has existed far from the spotlight except for the occasional high-stakes appearance during moments of critical need.

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However, anyone with reading comprehension beyond the average third grader will notice that the bill is to authorize the creation of refugee camps for humanitarian assistance and temporary housing after disasters and "other appropriate uses" , and that FEMA is only involved in the sense that the locations of the camps are set up along FEMA's districts. Some 75, Manhattan residents would travel up the Hudson to Saratoga using three round-trips of five requisitioned Staten Island ferries. The Soviet Union now had atomic weapons; the Cold War was on, and preparations for an all-out nuclear exchange had to be made.

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As well as providing large-scale emergency-management, FEMA is also the largest flood-insurer in the United States, mainly because most private insurance companies don't offer flood-insurance. The system also included seven master text files that laid out general policies and guidance, a comprehensive list of the actions being taken by headquarters and the various regional offices as well as abstracts of news stories and press releases—all of which could be updated in near real-time and disseminated nationally in an instant. After the war, the facility went back to the Bureau of Mines, which redoubled its efforts at developing new boring techniques. The centers also included duplicates of vital records, to help affected agencies maintain continuity of operations.

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