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Education and propaganda Main articles: Intense interest in films, film theory, and film criticism, is known as cinephilia. It can be used to present a progressive sequence of still images in the form of a slideshow. Several drive-ins have been renovated and reopened, new ones have been built, and some have even added screens.

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However, the act of shooting images with other visual media, such as with a digital camera, is still called "filming" and the resulting works often called "films" as interchangeable to "movies," despite not being shot on film. Terminology The terminology used for describing motion pictures varies considerably between British and American English. Ferris Bueller's Day Off has a post-credit scene in which Ferris tells the audience that the film is over and they should go home.

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In US usage, one talks of a " screening " or " projection " of a movie or video on a screen at a public or private "theater. A film enthusiast is known as a cinephile or cineaste. After the test audience responded very negatively to the death of protagonist John Rambo , a Vietnam veteran , at the end of the film, the company wrote and re-shot a new ending in which the character survives. They also make frequent road trips and visit drive-ins across the country whenever they can, sharing their experiences via the World Wide Web at Drive-ins.

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