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Hari Pokharel Clombus ohio zip code 43229

Flushing ohio zip code. Flushing, Ohio

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The city is in a primary storm track and resides far enough north to receive a Lake Erie influence. The area has low educational attainment and an aging blue collar population mix however, so the transition will take time. Fall and spring are changeable, with periods of cool, cloudy weather—making the area one of the cloudiest and rainiest in the country.

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The main industries are steel and metalworking Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel employs over 4, people. Bed 2 Bath 1.

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The city is in a primary storm track and resides far enough north to receive a Lake Erie influence. But many predict that the strategic location, low overall costs, and proximity to Pittsburgh will attract new businesses. Winters are fairly mild, but are subject to occasional cold snaps. Wheeling sits on the east bank of the Ohio River in a narrow plain with steep, deciduous-wooded hills on all sides.

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