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The First Condoms advertising on TV - "Trojan" 1975

Founder of trojan condoms. The Early Beginnings of Trojan Condoms

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Marketing In , in order to introduce Trojan condoms in the United Kingdom , a humorous fake official web site for the so-called Trojan Games was created. The brand's longevity is its chief strength, because when you're selling condoms, name recognition is everything. Or am I just overreacting? Trojan began advertising condoms in through a strategically placed ad in a well known trade magazine for pharmacists.

Brand history

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After all, this is what the real Trojans displayed in the past during the Trojan War. Brand history[ edit ] Trojan condoms were first manufactured in by Merle Leland Youngs through his company Fay and Youngs, renamed Youngs Rubber Corporation in Youngs knew, however, that condoms needed a new image in order to thrive. Agency for International Development.

Affordable Condoms in Bulk Quantities

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So it should come as no surprise that, in , condom ads are still fighting against stigmatization. The pleasure-oriented Trojan Vibrating Ring , meanwhile, is the newest addition to the brand's lineup, although killjoy laws in Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, and five other states prohibit its sale within their respective borders. Jesse Sheidlower wrote about how a word for condom made it into the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Featured Trojan Products:

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