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And it's a "best of" because when you play shows and you've been a band for like 13 years and have released multiple albums, you've got a certain amount of songs that are the best of songs, the ones people know and react to live. You have a natural meeting of the minds as you make each record.

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What's happened over the last five to eight years is this dramatic shift of consolidation, corporate turnovers and a lot of labels hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music. Via phone, Taylor explained the band's philosophy, which when his awkward industry lingo was boiled away, amounted to keeping two things sacred:

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Former boy sensations, Hanson, are storming the music industry with the passion of proselytizers for the cause of independent music. It's spawned by a major label idea to try to put out hits. The attention span is so short. U2 is such an icon right now.

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They now simply preach the Good Puts of frankness. Take Williamsburg:.

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But what Live and Electric does is ties all that together and says, "bands change as they should, and they're all one. A natural evolution happened.

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