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How Do I Stop The Defrost Cycle In The Refrigerator?

Freezer temperature during defrost cycle. 5 Most Common Freezer Problems and Solutions

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Defrost systems are almost always "time initiated," meaning an internal timer will start the cycle on a set interval regardless of the actual conditions inside the equipment. I'd just like to add two additional observations: The defrost heater needs to be replaced. The defrost drain has frozen over and needs to be defrosted and cleaned.

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In older refrigerators the timer ran continuously. The cold evaporator will, in turn, absorb heat from warmer food in the refrigerator. HOW IT WORKS All conventional refrigerators manufactured today, from the less expensive mini-refrigerator to the high end models, all use one basic refrigeration system that consists of a compressor, condenser, capillary tube and evaporator.


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The freezer temperature may be set too low if the frost is light, snowy and seems to be everywhere. Inspect the water line going from the shutoff valve to the freezer. Look for any packaging or items that might prevent the gaskets from sealing properly: Left unchecked, that frost will develop into a layer of ice that can affect the performance of the equipment by preventing the evaporator coil from absorbing heat and cooling the cabinet.

Why Do Freezers Have Defrost Cycles?

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Disadvantages[ edit ] This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. Instead of the traditional cooling elements being embedded in the freezer liner, auto-defrost elements are behind or beneath the liner. In newer designs the timer only runs while the compressor runs, so the more the refrigerator door is closed, the less the heater will be on and the more energy will be saved. This allows them to be heated for short periods of time to dispose of frost without heating the contents of the freezer.

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