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Differences Between Freud and Erikson's Approach to Psychoanalytic Theory: Differences and Analysis

Freud psychosocial stages. Comparing Erikson's vs Freud's Theories

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Freud offered the Little Hans case study as evidence of the Oedipus complex. The latent period is a time of exploration in which the sexual energy repressed or dormant.

Similarities and Differences Between Freud and Erikson

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By Saul McLeod , updated Freud proposed that psychological development in childhood takes place in a series of fixed psychosexual stages: The Latent Period Age Range: Despite mother being the parent who primarily gratifies the child's desires, the child begins forming a discrete sexual identity — "boy", "girl" — that alters the dynamics of the parent and child relationship; the parents become the focus of infantile libidinal energy.

The Role of Conflict

The Lot of Free Which of the unfamiliar stages is headed with a illicit die that must be expected before the individual xtages sure advance to the next shared. Erikson's Matching:.

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Genital stage The fifth stage of psychosexual development is the genital stage that spans puberty through adult life, and thus represents most of a person's life; its purpose is the psychological detachment and independence from the parents. At this age, children also begin to discover the differences between males and females.

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Phallic stage The third stage of psychosexual development is the phallic stage , spanning the ages of three to six years, wherein the child's genitalia are his or her primary erogenous zone. The libido is dormant. Problems with this stage can result in what Freud referred to as an oral fixation.

Frustration, Overindulgence, and Fixation

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Which at this stage in life are oral, or mouth orientated, such as sucking, biting, and breastfeeding. How to reference this article: Irrationally, the boy thinks that if his father were to find out about all this, his father would take away what he loves the most. Children develop self-sufficiency by controlling activities such as eating, toilet training, and talking.

Psychosexual and Psychosocial Theories of Development

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