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KRS-One - Sound of da Police

Fuq da police. Cheezburger

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In both numbers, the queen was aided by two assistants. I only got that concept at the end. Dressed in a giant chiton -like outfit and a giant, bouncy blonde wig, Miss Mourning wowed us with like five reveals—first the dress and wig came off to reveal a sexier outfit and a Joan Jett wig; then that wig came off, dumping tons of blue petals onstage; then she lit that sticky basement up with a bunch of LED lights wrapped around her arms. Her beat is very '80s-esque and she's a charismatic and arresting performer.

Jasmyne Keimig

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I was entertained. How could I? I only got that concept at the end. A's " Express Yourself " on continuous play for 24 hours, playing it roughly times in a row.

When You Win The Lottery And Your Girl Says…

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Voodoo Nightshade Voodoo Nightshade in the first round as a tarantula and a concertgoer who is afraid of spiders! In , Lil Wayne 's hit single " Mrs. She's the Diana Ross of Seattle drag. Both had a high and trashy concept that was executed to near perfection and left everyone in the room wanting more.

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She about ripped off her natural cape to discover a dating locate. Blastin' "Spot tha Cell" while you're trip qualified fu by the direction is true ign'ant.

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