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Kavon Frazier Interviewed By The Fort Worth Weekly

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If you hope to avoid this mistaken anxiety, as well as other equally irrelevant and unproductive superstitions, you should have a nice long talk with yourself. Can you see their faces at the top of their bobbing, feathery bodies? For one week, act as if it were true and see how it changes the way you feel, think, and act.

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It was an apt metaphor for my life at the time, when I found it impossible to go backward in any way. Just assume that any breakdowns you experience will allow you to make breakthroughs that were previously impossible.

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Envision a couple of monstrous influences from your past — big bad meanies who hurt you or scared you. The closest modern relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex may be the chicken, says geneticist John Asara. But in the coming weeks, I advise just the opposite approach for you. And it is definitely a delusion.

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