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Why you feel pregnant: Pregnancy Symptoms Soon After Sex

Gassy after sex. Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Sex?

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Switch things up in the bedroom. If these muscles continue to contract intensely, they may cause temporary cramps after sex. It will automatically get better once your muscles are relaxed. Fibroids Fibroids are growths that occur in the wall of the uterus.

Feelings of attachment can be increased post-sex.

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Wider also recommends having ginger as it has been shown to reduce abdominal pain and bloating. It affects 10 to 20 percent of women in the United States.

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Dyspareunia — pain during or after penetrative sex — is common. There could be several reasons for stomach ache after sex, which, if ignored, can turn out to be a complicated issue. In fact, I say you go for it; only keep these home remedies in mind, in case bloating comes knocking:

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In case you've felt the same way at some point in your life, or continue to do, read these top 3 reasons to know why you experience bloating after sex: Reaching an orgasm is a pleasurable moment but it also causes uterine contractions, which can lead to stomach ache post-sex. This can cause irritation and stomach pain.

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