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Hillary Clinton to Be Honored at Public Event

Hillary childrens defense fund speech. Media & Resources

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A pastor in South Carolina who shared his bible with me open to First Corinthians. They put her on a train to California all by herself in charge of her little sister, who was three years younger.

Children’s Defense Fund Celebrates Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Carlos left a difficult childhood in Guatemala, made it to America all by himself. Working to expand Medicaid in the s to cover more pregnant women and children in need. They never stopped reaching, never stopped dreaming and, yes, they have beaten the odds. He is an artist on the basketball court and a flourishing writer in the classroom, and he dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

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I have seen my share of ups and downs, but I still believe that we can make the impossible possible. A pastor in South Carolina who shared his bible with me open to First Corinthians. I think about her every day and sometimes I think about her on that train.

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