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Tongue piercing healing process day 1-7/ VLOG

How long does a tongue piercing hurt. Tongue Piercing Pain Relief

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General information about tongue piercings Who can get them How to get them done What to expect before, during, and after How to care for them Tongue piercing facts and myths Find Out Whether You Can Get Your Tongue Pierced Not everyone can get their tongue pierced, because the procedure is risky and tricky, though most people can. Posted Sun 18 Oct , You want to make sure you have a clean toothbrush, your own toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash. How long does it take to heal?

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Swelling is normal, especially in the first five days, but if it seems excessive, gets worse, or impedes talking or swallowing, seek treatment. It can take 3 to 4 weeks to fully heal. To help reduce swelling, you need to sleep with your head elevated above your heart. They are made to look symmetrical in order to give a mirrored image effect.

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Titanium is the least likely material to provoke an allergic reaction. For the actual piercing, a clamp will be put on your tongue so the piercer can hold it in place.

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