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How much mouthwash to get drunk. Drinking Mouthwash Side Effects & Dangers, and How You can Help

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The Dangers of Drinking Mouthwash The alcohol contained in mouthwash is denatured , meaning it has been doctored with chemicals to make it taste unpleasant. So 66 ml of Listerine has 18 ml of alcohol. Does it tear up your stomach?

Signs Of Alcohol Intoxication

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Or maybe Muslim dietary law doesn't apply as it's not food - what about other medicines in alcohol? Go to permalink Despite having alcoholism in my family history, I only found out that I had my own issues with addiction when I became a journalist. I was even writing the kind of articles that I used to think required a great big glass, or sometimes bottle, of wine to get through and drinking Diet Coke and Perrier at press events instead of champagne. Mouthwash is designed to be spit out, not swallowed.

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Some of the redfaces were fast metabolizers and some of the enjoy-it's were fast metabolizers. It is important to understand how this over-the-counter product can be abused.

Can Mouthwash Get You Drunk?

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