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Keep The Animals Away At Night While Camping Tip

How to keep snakes away from campsite. Camping & Hiking in Rattlesnake Country

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What this means for the hiker or camper is that before sundown and lasting til just after sunrise, a person needs to be careful about where you step — not always easy at night! Toothpaste and ointments should also get locked away with the food, as they also give off strong scents. Others, fear them.

Check Your Tent

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I waited outside and the thing eventually just slithered away. After all, they really are beautiful creatures and crucial to the Australian bushland. Of course, watching where you walk is easier said than done. Never leave garbage bags outside your tent.

2. Carry first aid

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Many insects are attracted to sweet- or strong-smelling scents, so leave your fruity body lotion or perfume at home. Not only would mosquitoes, insects and bugs stay away from your area by the effect of the same, but the plant life would also stay healthy and safe. Writing the title of this article, let alone the content, makes me shudder.

2. Check your tent before climbing in.

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Many snakes will follow these animals when out hunting for food, so attracting insects and small rodents is likely to indirectly attract snakes as well. What to do if you encounter a snake:

Choosing the Right Camping Area

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If you leave rubbish around the camping ground, it can attract rodents and hence snakes. But if you must, here are five surefire tricks to help keep your campsite a snake-free zone. Not only would mosquitoes, insects and bugs stay away from your area by the effect of the same, but the plant life would also stay healthy and safe.

Tips for Hiking & Camping in Rattlesnake Country

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