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Almanac: The launch of Zip Codes

Keatchie la zip code. Zip Code information for Keatchie, Louisiana.

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ZIP Codes are instrumental in promoting faster and more efficient delivery of mail to all parts of the US. The climate is a mix of humid subtropical and continental types. In all, ZIP Codes add to the overall ease and efficiency for both senders and receivers.

City of Keatchie, LA covers 1 Area Code

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ZIP Codes are also a great way of collecting marketing data regarding the inflow and outflow of mail from a location. Downsides also include persistently hot summers and a degree of isolation, although the area does have commercial jet service. Measurable snowfall occurs 1 in 2 years. As these codes are easy to remember and popular locations have their own codes, the usage of codes makes the whole system of sorting and delivering mail much more faster and efficient.

ZIP Code 71046: Basic Data & USPS Preferred City Name

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These postal codes are five digits long and in places there are four digits added to the code to make it easier to deliver mail to a certain location. B Unique Locations - Government organizations, businesses, or locations that are unique and receive a lot of mail are given their own ZIP Codes.

ZIP Code Download - Directory Search

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