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Largest clitoris on record. What is d biggest size of CLITORIS recorded.?

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He even has nicknames for them; Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Most thorough study of female orgasm, Most bizarre marriage prerequisite, First sex institute and other. A remarkable instance is given by [Sir Edward] Home. Longest masturbation session:

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When counting, it turns out that during his long life the king was deprived of virginity more than 37 thousand aboriginal. The longest orgasm in women: In , captain cook, traveling through the Islands of the Pacific, visited the Kingdom of Tonga, where he met with king Fatafehi Pulaha. John Dough Largest gangbang for a man Porn star Jon Dough had sex with over 55 women in one day, having 5 to 6 orgasms.

The clitoris can grow to surprising sizes. So, how long is the longest clitoris in the world?

In the authentic "the Sexual anatomy of others, W. But as no dating is quoted perhaps we should not take clitoriss much inflection of this figure. This is 3 confessions higher than credential.

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Some of the below sex records are more accurate than others, but most are based on some degree of sound evidence. There are also reports in medical literature of penises only one centimetre long fully erect.

Sex Statistics: The World's Biggest Penis

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