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3.- LCVT-2015. Ojos y Encélo del tibuón

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Introduction The choroid is the most vascular structure of the eye and plays a role in the pathogenesis of various chorioretinal disorders 1. In the vertical scan, the mean LCVT percentage in the superior, macular and inferior quadrants were


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Intraclass correlation coefficient ICC was calculated to measure intraobserver reproducibility. A written, informed consent detailing the nature of the study and the risks involved was obtained from all the study participants.

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This has been made possible by the pioneering work by Hayreh. The CT in macular region appears to be maximum, however, significant contribution to CT appears from medium choroidal vessel and choriocapillaris rather than large choroidal vessels. Discussion We studied the mid-equatorial choroidal changes in healthy eyes using wide-field OCT. Though LCVT was not analyzed separately in our previous publication, the possibility of reduced vascular thickness in the macular area compared to peripheral choroid was considered based on CVI results

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