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Pro's & Con's of Living in Orlando, FL

Living in gainesville fl pros and cons. Time for a move?

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There is very little public transport—you have to drive everywhere. Many people prefer to live in South Florida during the winter season from November to April because the weather is more pleasant, and the threat of hurricanes is lowest.

Freedom in Apartments vs. Dorms

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Doral and Coral Gables, Miami Dade The agglomeration of Miami is undoubtedly one of the top places not only in Florida but also in the US when it comes to doing business. Lots of nature trails, springs, rivers, and lakes to explore.

Company Benefits

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Many off-campus apartments offer entire parking lots, even parking garages , to allow their residents and their guests free parking. I love to go for walks and hikes so the more beautiful the better. The city in the northern part of the state is a popular destination for retirees who come here from around the world.

The Benefits of Life in Florida

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