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Radioactivity ~ Henri Becquerel, Marie & Pierre Curie

Madame curie history. Marie Curie the scientist

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He arranged a tiny space for her at the Municipal School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry where he worked. Nobel Prize Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person—man or woman—to win the prestigious award twice. The rays emitted might be a basic property of uranium atoms, which we now know to be subatomic particles released as the atoms decay.

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When Pierre was killed suddenly in , Marie took over his post as a professor at the Sorbonne, becoming the first woman to teach there. The physicist Rosalyn Yalow, in an essay she wrote at the time of winning her own Nobel Prize in for research involving radioactive compounds, said that Curie was her inspiration. In , she met Pierre Curie, a year-old physicist at a French technical college who had been studying crystals and magnetism. American women would be inspired to give to Curie, Meloney figured, only if her image as a scientist—which stereotypically suggested someone dispassionate, even severe—could be softened.

Work on radioactivity and discoveries

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Maria declined because she could not afford the university tuition; it would take her a year and a half longer to gather the necessary funds. By mid he was so invested in it that he decided to drop his work on crystals and to join her. In one of the laboratories, Marie led a team of researchers analysing radioactivity, while the other laboratory was used to explore possible cancer treatments.


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Marie often worked late into the night stirring huge cauldrons with an iron rod nearly as tall as her. When World War I broke out in , she suspended her studies and organized a fleet of portable X-ray machines for doctors on the front.

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