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Is Amsoil Power Foam better than Seafoam & MMO? Let's find out!

Mmo engine cleaner. Building the Marvelizer

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Add regular engine oil until the dip stick is at the "full" mark. No more than 25 percent of your oil should be replaced with Mystery Oil. Share this article with people you care, as it can be useful to them. Today they are recognized for their mysterious ability to cure and prevent any engine ailment.

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Their primary function is to remove the varnish and carbon deposits in the engine. Previous to that, he didn't believe in it. The clogging may also occur on the intake valves and affects the movement of valves too.


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Click on the link to shop for Seafoam oil products from amazon. Please click on the video below to watch the compression test of the engine performed with both the sea foam oil and marvel mystery oil. The tiny droplet of fuel solidifies into a varnish type residue.

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