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Poisonous weed blamed for horse deaths

Mustard weed and horses. Wild Mustard

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Alex JF. It is important to be sure not to feed hay or grains which contain mustard seeds or plants and keep them out of fields or pastures which are heavily infested with this weed to avoid future episodes of this poisoning.

EQUUS Chart: Common Poisonous Weeds and Wildflowers

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It is in the best interests of your financial investment as well as the health of your herd that you do all that you can do to avoid future episodes of plant poisonings of your horses. Horse owners should be aware of the potential of high fusarium levels and their related mycotoxins during wet falls, especially in corn and corn byproducts. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey:

Wild Mustard Poisoning in Horses

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Signs appear within an hour or two of consumption, starting with nervousness, tremors and incoordination, progressing to depression and diminished heart and respiratory rates and possibly colic. Is there a feed source or plant type that is not normally seen on horse farms, e. For spring seedings; use a selective herbicide during the seeding year or cut the fields at a height to remove the flowers before the seed heads are set.

EQUUS Chart: A Guide to Common Poisonous Plants

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