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Nigerian wedding traditions and customs. Nigeria's Wedding Industry Is Worth Millions Of Dollars

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Do you have a more traditional wedding with American customs, or blend the two cultures? After all, who wants to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate? Which is followed by the cutting of the cake, or in some cases, the groom and bride feeds each other fresh fruit. Tech is not left behind in Nigeria's wedding boom.

Wedding Week

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That they will be fruitful in their body, on their job, and in the service of the Lord - Amen! One of the most beautiful parts of the traditional Nigerian wedding is that brides get to choose from so many stunning and elaborate colors and fabrics. Igbo Marriage Custom of Fund Solicitation This is one of Nigerian marriage customs that has over the years raised up a lot of debate and has affected a lot of potential suitors from marrying the person they desire. After considering all these, many men who find themselves in such situation decide to either postpone the idea of marriage till their elders have tied the knots or go ahead without the blessings of their family.


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This list can include some big ticket purchases like a new car, or some hard to find trinkets like the tooth of an alligator. The Brighter, the Better Nowadays, some Nigerian brides are choosing to have a western wedding with a white dress, but many girls opt instead for the traditional Igbo wedding attire which features a lace blouse, brightly patterned wrapper a kaftan like skirts that wraps around the body , coral beads and head tie.

Seniority matters

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These outfits too were custom-made to fit the bride and groom. This was the best I could get this picture without distracting from their praying moment.

Meet the Bride & Groom!

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