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Was Noah's Ark Found?

Noahs ark debunked. Noah's Ark

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The unusual boat-shaped structure would so catch their attention that an eagerness to be persons who either discovered Noah's Ark or confirmed its existence would tend to override caution. Fasold, D.

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He was educated at the University of Illinois and has special interests in the origin of granite and ore deposits. Ham, who was born in Australia and founded the Answers in Genesis ministry, believes the Bible and its Book of Genesis is literal historical fact — which means the Earth would be only about 6, years as opposed to the roughly 4.

Rumor: Noah's Ark has been discovered in eastern Turkey.

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The almost total absence of volcanic rocks in Mesopotamia now Iraq Pearce and others, ; Aswad and Elias, , where Noah's Ark is alleged to have been constructed, reasonably eliminate the possibility that the anchor stones were transported to Kazan by Noah's Ark. A similar trip in was also unsuccessful, but in he and a companion crawled into a cave of ice which proved to be the Ark. All of his science degrees are from unaccredited institutions run by himself or by a former associate, Clifford Wilson. Noah's Ark, had it existed, would hold the record for the longest all-wooden ship, and yet Young Earth Creationists believe it happened in BCE.


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He was involved with the Coalition on Revival, which is devoted to "rebuilding our civilization on the principles of the Bible It is "where the ark was landed"--that's the meaning. Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives that's only eight people providing food and water to the animals would have been an impossible task. Every species lived next to the Ark[ edit ] Some creationists have suggested that all the animals before the flood would have lived in close proximity to the ark.

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