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Sorry for the dramatics. You need to know how to move the ship in all directions and rotate it in all directions. You must have double the cost of your insurance if you do not want to loose something.


Who is in addition here. One game is massive.

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I just leared that everything on the system map makes sounds and you can listen with the mouse. Look at the maps, read the station menu. Who is in charge here?


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Learning all this is priceless and takes no credits. You have to know throttle control. So you died, still have your ship, BUT do you have enough credits for insurance when you die again?

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There are novels written with this game. This game was made in and we are playing the 4th Elite in the series. Where am I?

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When we reach hours we think we know how to play, we have great ships all custom, and good credits. Second you can start to learn how missions work, how the laws work, how the politics work. Sorry for the dramatics. Just explaining why the game seewms so complictaed to me right now.

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