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Oneida topix forum. Upstate NY judge clears courtroom for 'everyone's safety,' man taken to hospital

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Domenico and Pauline were born in Italy and their children were born in New York. They became naturalized in The Utica OD is wrong to suggest saving one building is worthwhile, the entire Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood should be saved. Not So Much

No Studies, No Reports, thus we remain #NoHospitalDowntown

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The Utica Observer-Dispatch has totally forgot, there are no studies in the taxpayers' hands to layout why we need an entirely new hospital. Rossi on 30 November

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Uses are mixed, not just all one kind of thing 4. No reports, no studies, and a media that appears to pander to political forces or is at least not very curious about this billion dollar concept , thus we remain NoHospitalDowntown Join Us: Click to expand Interesting that this "old hospital" is just seeking an upgrade to their "physical plant equipment" i.

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In one account, authorities say they were fired upon from both sides of the street. Perhaps an expanded sports and entertainment district with a medical office building for the study of hockey injuries? Although the winter parking area is farther from the trailhead it would still be possible to do day hikes via North Lake. Our hospital system was taken for a ride

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