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The Principal's Office- "Shorty Gets Paddled"

Paddle swats. Tattle or get the paddle

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Another And for some students, it is not effective and we find other methods. A Georgia school is bringing back paddling to discipline children. The schools won't do it

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It is not carried out with the recipient bent over a chair or desk but rather is performed with the teacher holding on to a pocket of the recipient's trousers. A Georgia school is bringing back paddling to discipline children. Believe it or not, this used to be an acceptable technique to use on students. Sapulpa was the first in the Tulsa area to hang up its paddles in the late s.

United States - Real paddlings in progress, page 2. Six clips.

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See this Oct news item. Georgia school asks parents for permission to paddle their kids as punishment Parents were offered a choice:

Students old enough to drive getting paddled at school? It happens much more than one may think.

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Oklahoma allows for corporal punishment in public schools determined by the local school boards. Owasso is one of the largest school districts in the area, with about 6, students, to allow corporal punishment. Getting struck with a paddle is a consequence for repeated tardiness at some 4, schools in the United States.

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