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Paul McCartney is Dead 1967

Paul mccartney look alike contest. The Morbid Beatles Conspiracy that Still Endures to This Day

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In this expanded narrative, Lennon's murder in , Harrison's near-fatal stabbing in , and the death of Beatles associate Mal Evans in are all credited to forces protecting the "truth" behind "Paul is dead". Lee Bailey , who cross-examined LaBour and other "witnesses", including McCartney's friend Peter Asher and Allen Klein, [18] but he left it to the viewer to determine a conclusion.

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The same as he couldn't get married This article appears in the January-February issue of Skeptical Inquirer magazine and is republished here by agreement with LiveScience. The crowd includes faces and bodies of many famous people who passed away or have become outdated. A Volkswagon has a license plate that says "28 if", meaning, Paul would be 28 if he were alive.

Fifty years later, the mystery of Paul's fake death still haunts us.

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The replacement was named. The "Paul is dead" myth is one of the most popular myths set in the world of rock music and perhaps the most fun to follow up.


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