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Penis size doesnt matter. 19 Women Answer The Eternal Question: Does Penis Size Matter?

Penis size doesnt matter Too hefty—still minutes, too big—tummy best. You gotta find that doesjt gem: You'd Remarkably Like. Towards for nice dudes with wide penises, having a lesser than average call won't lash that minutes will be more shot to you.

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Bigger ones originally gave women a petter chance of getting pregnant, so paleolithic females likely developed a preference for longer length. Follow Hannah on Twitter. The penis is welcome to come along for the ride on this one but a woke penis is one that realizes size doesn't matter.

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Length, less so. Specifically for one kind of orgasm, some women experience better vaginal orgasms with larger penises because they stimulate the entire length of the vagina. If you thought men could never be insecure about their bodies like women are, then you're dead wrong.

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To be fair, penis size somewhat matters -- but back in the day, when it came to natural selection, it mattered a lot more. Foreplay is 80 Percent of Good Sex I can't speak for all men, but my assumption is that what the majority of men enjoy about sex is the actual act itself; thrusting their junk in women's vaginas. Seriously though.

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Sabrina, 28 "I had a boyfriend who was very well endowed and I never had an orgasm from intercourse with him in five years time. Jen, 35 "Kinda.

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Size matters. One of the things that often make men slump their heads in shame and feel like hiding under a rock, is hearing from the media about the prototypical penis, and realizing they don't measure up to those standards. Are you tugging at our hair and sucking on our necks as you give us some lovin'?

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