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How to pronounce poignant

Poinyent. Poinyent Management

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Poignant comes to us from French, and before that from Latin-specifically, the Latin verb pungere, meaning "to prick or sting. We took the opportunity to chat. Can you share a few words about that?

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Now some of that is because it has a lot of facets that are difficult to automate, and require humans to drive. I am creating ads for Facebook so I can target specific demos and niches, and essentially creating tests to see which features, niches, categories, pricing, etc. As the product moves from the early stages, more traditional research will likely come into play, especially UX and usability. Companies like Remesh and Glimpzit are baking in AI into their offerings and showing a possible way forward.

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Currently these offerings are pretty tightly constrained and templated — they have to be to work because once the data becomes too unstructured, AI struggles. The first product is a cinematic clock that creates a calm connection wth the world.

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