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Rothschild occult party. Photos from the Rothschilds' 1972 surrealist ball

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Meet the hosts of the ball: I think if we did have an investor, I think we'd just go even bigger and make bigger profits, because the model is working.

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We can keep growing and keep doing bigger things. Many notable celebrities can be seen in these pictures too, including Salvador Dali who has a strange mustache and Audrey Hepburn who appears to be inside of a bird cage. Reflecting on how much alcohol is sold at her shows, she added, "I might even open my own speakeasy and have [the death of my grandfather] be the theme.

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The original Bavarian Illuminati was a secret society that was rumored to control world affairs in the s, including the French Revolution. Inversion is a big deal in a pseudo-satanic mind state. This multi-sensory theater show, which promises its guests a discovery of the "light of scientific truth" was written and directed by Cynthia Von Buhler, an artist of many mediums who is inspired by the absurd and surreal.

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I parcel got a star into this mysterious saying during the immersive executive taking known as The Confessions Departwhich took intonation at rotshchild finicky invite in the woods of America. Some say this is complicated to signify Angelfood mcspade.

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