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The Rubber Band Effect

Rubber band theory dating. 3 Reasons Your Guy Might Pull Away

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Have reconnect time after he finishes his "pull away" stage. Apparently, men often need space when they are overwhelmed by feelings - which isn't always a bad thing. Thanks for watching!

Kiss on the First Date?

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Men and women approach this process in totally different ways. In my case, this talk helped.. Anytime he seems to be getting distant, the best counteractive tactic is to pull away a little yourself.

If not elastic bands, are they fogs, mazes, battlefields, bank accounts, or...?

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Of course, while they are determined not to fold, they are also waiting by the phone, checking their voice mail, checking their e-mail, or checking that lump in bed lying beside them for signs of life. Watch my video to the end to learn how to learn the 1 way women sabotage their relationship when a man pulls away. Let him go All you need to do is give the dude some space, so he can go after you…and your number.

02. If He Feels Emotionally Vulnerable

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I'm only on chapter 6, but I feel like his rubber band pulled so far Keep Up 2 Date.

The Five Stages of Dating

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