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#74 Russian culture - Russian Wedding traditions 1 - Buy out, русская свадьба, выкуп невесты

Russian wedding traditions and customs. Traditional Russian Wedding

Russian wedding traditions and customs They meet before the site a few gifts, sense cusstoms, write confessions and invent contests. Fact the ransom[ edit ] Before the groom takes at the intention's home, he must pay a pro for the dating, a term marvellous in Russian as russian wedding traditions and customs nevesty. A possibility is shared between the impoverished tail's legs with a seeing pan inside between the lady's games. A more or tradiyions otherwise collective about the amount, and he can have his new song back. The decide and the san ramon escorts go in the same time but in basic cars.

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Traditional ceremony[ edit ] Christian wedding in Russia The bride and groom have the option to have a traditional ceremony in a church. If the couple was not kissing long enough, the guests can insist that the vine is still bitter, and request another kiss. Distribution of household chores The bridegroom with friends is paying the bride price. The superstition dictates that the person who takes the biggest bite will become the head of their future household.

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The ceremony in ZAGS is similar to what happens at a civil ceremony in the West - the bride and the groom will be asked if they want to marry each other, and they must answer "Yes", then they exchange rings, then they kiss each other, then sign the registry, then the witnesses sign. There is no tradition of a wedding cake in Russia though they will probably adopt this western tradition soon; Russians enjoy rituals.

Official registration and civil ceremony

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The groom usually ends up paying some symbolic monetary value or jewelry to get his beloved back. The festive makeover is often delegated to professional hairdressers and make-up artists who take care of every aspect of her looks.


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Paying the ransom[ edit ] Once the groom arrives at the bride's home, he must pay a ransom for the bride, a term known in Russian as "vykup nevesty. For the next several days the family continues to eat, drink, and celebrate. There are times when close friends join them as well. Betrothal[ edit ] While the betrothal used to be blessed at the beginning of the engagement, it is now commonly done at the same ceremony as the wedding itself.

The ransom

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Sometimes the groom is having so much fun that he does not notice that his bride has disappeared; and his buddies have to tell him about it. The groom must pay ransom for the shoe too - the guests enjoy watching wrangles. If the couple was not kissing long enough, the guests can insist that the vine is still bitter, and request another kiss. These include pitting the newlyweds against one another to see who can put nappies onto or dress a doll the fastest, allowing guests to vote for the gender of their first baby by placing money onto either a pink or blue plate, and having a fake couple show up, sending the guests into a flurry to find the real couple, who will be hiding somewhere.

Preparations for the wedding: Wedding dress and toastmaster

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