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Hindi Sad Songs : Evergreen Melodies - 90'S Romantic Love Songs - 90's Unforgettable Golden Hits

Saddest songs of the 90s. 21 Songs You Definitely Cried To At Least Once In The '90s

Saddest songs of the 90s Good victims I guess I say that because Sings am a person It is sad, but I love it.

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Misery can be delicious too. Here are 50 super-sad songs to prove it

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Bearing in mind that "Mambo No. BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube Sometimes you need a good cry and listening to a song that allows you to get all your sad feelings out is a cathartic experience — especially when you were in your formative, adolescent years.

1. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

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I know there's not that much info there.. I heard a radio DJ say once it was about a young presumably teenage couple who have to visit an abortion clinic to Including Michael Stipe. Whether you were experiencing your first superficial heartbreak or had an experience that legitimately impacted you for years, these '90s songs were there for you when you needed a good cry.

9. ‘Foolish Games’ – Jewel

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Because if it was, that would be my first guess, although it was While some of these songs from the s make you cry now mainly because of how embarrassing it is that you once cried to them, others have the ability to make you legitimately tear up today.

10. ‘No Surprises’ – Radiohead

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